Funding Opportunities

Graduate Council provides funding to individuals and groups to travel to conferences and events, or host events and other activities on campus. We provide guidelines for applying, examples of previous successful applications, and offer help in designing, running, and advertising your own events.


Travel Fund

The Graduate Council Travel Fund offers grants to graduate students to attend academic conferences and other events. In 2016-17 over 400 graduate students were supported by our Travel Fund. Visit our page to apply today or learn more.


Academic & professional fund

The Academic & Professional Fund provides funding for student groups to host academic events on campus. Previously awarded events include the Chicago Women in Business Open House and Python Learning Group: Data Applications.

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social, culture, & Wellness fund

The Social, Culture, & Wellness Fund is open for applications to students hosting events that are non-academic in nature. Events that we've awarded previously are the Art and Science Expo and BSD/PSD/IME Softball league.